Electronic Resource Use Policy

Internet access, electronic information resources and computers are provided for affiliated users and visitors (unaffiliated users) for conducting health and medical research. Each user is responsible for limiting use to individual, noncommercial purposes.

Electronic resources are licensed, i.e. not owned by The Queen's Medical Center, and are governed by license agreements that restrict use to The Queen's Medical Center community and to walk in visitors.

The Library's electronic resources may not be used for any purposes that violate Federal, State, or local laws, software licensing agreements, or damage or compromise the Library's computers, networks or electronic resources. This includes but, is not limited to:

  • Violation of U.S. copyright laws
  • Transmission of threatening, obscene or harassing materials, including sending unwanted electronic mail (spam)
  • Interference or disruption to network users, services or equipment
  • Accessing pornographic materials
  • Systematic downloading, distribution and retention of substantial portions of information
  • Attachment of personal scanners, cameras, and other electronic devices to Library's computer equipment
  • Usage of the Library's equipment to gain unauthorized access to the Library's, The Queen's Medical Center's or any other computer system
  • Unlawful use of another party's intellectual property

Additional restrictions may apply.

Any violation of this policy may result in the denial of access and suspension of privileges. Additionally, the misuse or violation of a license agreement is generally prohibited and may result in the termination of access to the electronic resources for the entire Hawaii Medical Library and The Queen's Medical Center community.

If you have any questions about your specific use, please see a librarian.

February 23, 2011

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